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Maple Leaf Marketing Industrial Projects W.L.L. is incorporated company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, specialized in the funding and transfer of Technology for Industrial projects for the past 16 years. Maple Leaf Marketing Industrial Projects W.L.L. goals is to satisfy the high demand of needed quality tested, advance technology processes, the selection of the proper technology that satisfy

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Leaching is one of the biggest problem with discarding old tires due to Chemicals contain & Heavy Metals, Both Chemicals and Metals leach into the environment as the tires break down these chemicals, according to the Global Waste Management Board, are carcinogenic and mutagenic (cause cancer and gene mutations). Leaching affects the soil around the old tire, which at first may not seem like a big problem. But if the tire is eventually moved, the soil will still have the toxins. Another major concern is groundwater. If toxins get into any water in the soil, the water can transport them to other locations, potentially


The hollow middle of a tire will easily fill up with rainwater if the tire is just left out in the open. If the tire is left undisturbed, the water will sit in the tire and become a breeding ground for pests such as mosquitoes. The mosquitoes then go about spreading diseases to humans and animals.



Some disposal sites have tried to get rid of old tires by burning them up, either by open or controlled combustion. These process not only release harmful chemicals into the air, but they are also extremely dangerous.

Tires become a great fuel source if they are heated. Consequently there have been numerous unwanted combustions at the sites that burn them. These combustion sites pose a health and safety risk not only to the environment, but to the workers as well.

Even if tires aren't being sent to tire burning disposal facilities, they still pose a fire threat. Fires that are fueled by tire material are harder to control and extinguish than regular fires. If tires are discarded rather than recycled, they could combust, release their carcinogens into the air, and start a destructive fire.

All tires including passenger car, truck, airplane, off-road tires result in ELTs. However, the bulk of ELTs result from car and truck tires.


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