Maple Leaf Marketing Industrial Projects W.L.L. is a specialized company in the advanced tire recycling technology with ZERO POLLUTION. Maple Leaf Marketing Industrial Projects W.L.L. is incorporated company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, specialized in the funding and transfer of Technology for Industrial projects for the past 16 years. Maple Leaf Marketing Industrial Projects W.L.L. goals is to satisfy the high demand of needed quality tested, advance technology processes, the selection of the proper technology that satisfy the require modern standard for various industries by reducing the environmental negative impact.

Maple Leaf has been the consultant and project Manager for several international projects including the construction and technology transfer, of Sugar Refineries, Ethanol refineries, Oil and gas refineries, Aluminum Refinery, Recycling Technology and water treatments.

Our clients' trusted Maple Leaf company for providing the best solutions suitable to the targeted market and managing the projects from concept to turnkey maximizing the return and saving on building materials and quality improvement while continuing to provide top quality products and services. Our industry knowledge enables us to provide our clients with innovative ideas that help them improve productivity and quality without effecting cost. We deliver on our commitments with clients and build strong relationships with customers to achieve growth and guaranteed results in the marketplace.


Our reputation is built around innovative offerings in the management of industrial complex & providing the needed maintenance services. Outsourcing quality machineries and reliable technology is a must during our evaluations process. We use our global expertise and relations to deliver tested products and services that are approved by the authority in the various industries. We ensure high-quality, cost-competitive services are provided from the optimal mix of onshore and offshore locations. This enables our clients to respond quickly to changing market dynamics and increase their competitiveness.


The people who accomplished Maple Leaf milestones were competent regular people, those who pioneered practices that are now centerpieces of the Industrial building materials supply chain & service industry. They include system management, project delivery integration, centralized transaction processing, and dedication to achieve client's satisfactions. Maple Leaf continues their innovative tradition by evolving the company's services into an intelligent network foundation. This facilitates the commerce through supply chain management, enabling product development & and expedient delivery for the various building materials required by clients.

This a 3D model of a primary system in a customer's existing building in California.

This a 3D model of a Freeze Chamber.

This is a 3D model of a Hammer Mill.